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June in Rijeka: Sea, Sea…

For years now, whenever the denizens of Rijeka spotted boats being anchored at Korzo, they knew that it was time for the Fiumare Festival, an event that traditionally kicks off the sea-scented month of June, which is the perfect SEAson for maritime -themed events like the aforementioned festival and the Fiumanka regatta.

June will also show its culinary side with another edition of Ri Gastro Days, which will showcase the very best that sardines and cherries have to offer over the course of two weeks. This month, Rijeka will also be celebrating the Feast Day of St. Vitus, the patron saint of Rijeka, as well as university students at yet another Student Day Festival. Then there is Malik Fest at Trsat Castle, which will whet your appetite for fantasy and mythology...

All this and much more will be announced in our newsletter. You can skim through the PDF version of our June calendar of events, which is available on our ISSUU profile, or visit the ŠTA DAnas? (What to do today?) website to find out the latest news on the events taking place in Rijeka and its ring.

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