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The most entertaining summer in Rijeka yet

Something new, something familiar and smooth-running and all of it packed with events and revolving around the summer - this is July in Rijeka in a nutshell. Summer in the Capital is a new summer event taking place in Rijeka that combines all the introductory programs of the Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture project and rounds off a mixed bag of events under its umbrella (or should we say parasol). July is also the month when two well-known and beloved events among the denizens of Rijeka and its visitors take place - Rijeka Summer Nights and Summer on Gradina, both of which are ripe with programmes that will provide entertainment during the hot summer in Rijeka. The sun will also bring out a one-of-a-kind exhibition named Pul Kaštela, while an array of wonderful and mellifluous programmes are afoot in the Nights of Rijeka Squares.

All this and much more will be announced in our newsletter. You can skim through the PDF version of our July calendar of events, which is available on our ISSUU profile, or visit the ŠTA DAnas? (What to do today?) website to find out the latest news about the events taking place in Rijeka and its surroundings.

We wish you a pleasant July in Rijeka!

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