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Great news from Madrid - the Bike Rijeka project has won second place at the UNWTO Awards

After entering the finals for the prestigious award for excellence and innovation in tourism by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) earlier in the year, the Bike Rijeka project has won second place at the awards ceremony in Madrid.

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The World Tourism Organisation holds a competition every year for innovative projects from around the world. The UNWTO Awards, which the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) established in 2003 - are the leading awards in the global tourism sector. The award in the Innovation in Research and Technology category characterises visionary pioneers whose initiative helped the private sector, community, destination, or country in increasing the opportunities related to the use of technology and advancement in the development of sustainable tourism. The award recognises inspiring scientific research projects or initiatives in technological innovation, which have proven to be effective in practical application, and make a measurable impact on the tourism sector.

The cycling transversal of the Rijeka ring project called “Bike Rijeka” brings together existing cycling routes, and a newly devised trail that connects all towns and municipalities of the Rijeka ring - the cycling transversal.

Creative agency Molekula and Promotiv agency took part in the joint project with the Rijeka Tourist Board, and so did the tourist boards of the Rijeka ring - Bakar, Kastav, Kraljevica, Čavle, Jelenje, Kostrena, Viškovo, and the Municipality of Klana. The project has also been recognised and co-financed by the Croatian Tourist Board. 

Along with the UNWTO award, the Bike Rijeka project has already won second place in the “Electronic Maps and Travel Guides” category at the 12th International Cartographic Tour Map Festival, held in July 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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