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The Carnival in all the Pores of Rijeka Life

February is the month that is traditionally devoted to carnival in Rijeka, so it should come as no surprise that our calendar is packed with costume and carnival-related events. In addition to the grand finale, the International Carnival Parade, we have picked out a few more of the larger carnival, sports and music events for you. There is the two-day CACIB in Rijeka with dogs featuring as the main stars. Other highlights of the month include a variety of concerts, carnival-themed as well as classical concerts and those with a slightly heavier sound.

All this and much more will be announced in our newsletter. You can skim through the PDF version of our February calendar of events, which is available on our ISSUU profile, or visit the ŠTA DAnas? (What to do today?) website to find out the latest news about the events taking place in Rijeka and its ring.

We wish you a pleasant February in Rijeka!

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