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The short and furious Rijeka Carnival is upon us

Shortly after removing the festive decorations from the city centre, their replacement comes in the form of carnival strips and flags that announce that fifth season which is unique to Rijeka - theRijeka Carnival.

This year’s carnival period, which traditionally begins by raising the Pust on January 17 on Antonje and ends on Ash Wednesday, February 10, gives us a little more than three weeks to ‘do' the craziest parties of the year. First the new Queen of the Rijeka Carnival should be chosen, the key to the city handed over, and the rule of the masks established. Two of the definitely most special sporting events - the Paris-Bakar Carnival Auto-Rally and the Carnival Snowboard Session - are not to be missed, and neither is dancing the night away at a number of dances and concerts, visiting the Carnival Fairy Tale at the Tower, eating fine (humanitarian) minestrone or iota... and finally experiencing all the madness as the icing on the cake at the Rijeka Carnival - Children’s International Carnival Parade.

This is best seen live because there are no pictures or recordings to truly capture the full force of the oddities and fun that await us, and because - Be What You Want To Be - Come to the Rijeka Carnival!

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