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Be What You Want to Be – come to the Rijeka Carnival!

Sometimes it is hard being what you truly desire to be. Well, that's not the case if you're participating in the Rijeka Carnival. Then it's the easiest thing in the world. You just take off your everyday masks and have a relaxing stroll, taking on whatever appearance suits you best at the moment.

In keeping with tradition, the fifth season in Rijeka begins on 17 January on the Feast Day of St. Anthony and lasts until Ash Wednesday, which falls on 1 March this year. So, sit back, relax and head on a wild journey, which starts with hanging of the Pust, then continues with the Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant and the handover of the city key to the Master of the Carnival. It takes us through lots of costume parties, singing, dancing, as well as sporting, culinary and charity events... and ends with two big carnival parades. You should keep the following dates in mind: the new royal representative of the Carnival will be chosen on 20 January, snowboarding by the sea is scheduled for 4 February at the Carnival Snowboard Session, “Pariz – Bakar” (the wackiest costume rally around) will charge through Rijeka on 11 February, the kids will have a parade of their own on 18 February, while the grand finale, the International Carnival Parade, will take place on 26 February. Besides the main events, there is a plethora of other events featured in our carnival calendar, which, by the way, is getting bulkier every day... All that's left to do is to send out a formal invitation: Be what you want to be – come to the Rijeka Carnival!

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