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The last Ri gastro 2015 in the sign of codfish and chocolate

December is the time for the last of this year’s gastro adventures in Rijeka - in the period between 4th and 11th of December, the Codfish Week and the Chocolate Week will take place within Ri gastro. During the pre-holiday season, fish is traditionally prepared on the seashore, and codfish has been an obligatory part of the holiday offer for a long time now. And of course - the sweet snacks! But when these are made of chocolate, then it is a real treat, because who doesn't like chocolate?!

Rijeka's caterers are inviting us to their premises for the degustation of various specialties involving this fish-sweet duo, and at the very beginning of the Gastro Cooking Show on the Korzo, everyone will be able to get a little insight into the richness of the varied creations consisting of these two elements. The already traditional gastro workshops will be available to both large and small, and the program “A cube of sweet story” will be organized for the youngest. Bon Appétit!