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Ri Gastro – We'll Have Pilchards and Cherries!

The recently finished Ri Gastro season of asparagus gives way to new stars in June – pilchards and cherries. The queen of the sea, the humble pilchard, and the cherry as one of the fruits that herald summer, glorify this year's second edition of Ri Gastro from June 2 to June 9. Restaurateurs in Rijeka and the surrounding areas will add special delicacies to their menus, at promotional prices, containing these two ingredients, all with the desire to learn and preserve the traditions of Mediterranean cuisine. The Humanitarian Gastro Cooking Show will bring a part of the restaurant offer to Korzo and, in addition to fulfilling its humanitarian mission, lure the occasional passer-by into learning (even) more about pilchards and cherries in the taverns and restaurants.