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A Record-Breaking Year in Tourism for Rijeka

The increase of tourist traffic in Rijeka also continued in 2014. This record-breaking year in tourism for Rijeka showed a 19 % increase in arrivals and overnight stays, which ranks Rijeka among the leading Croatian tourist destinations, which also had successful and record-breaking results.  

The total number of visitors that arrived in Rijeka increased by 19 %, which is a total of 90,717 guests. The number of foreign tourists increased by 19 % and they make up a total of 77 % of all arrivals. The number of domestic tourists continued to grow, with an increase of 20% or 23 % of all arrivals.  

The four hotels, one boarding house, thirteen hostels, student residence hall, more than a hundred private lodgings and a campsite that provide accommodation within Rijeka's city limits reported 173,549 overnight stays combined, which is a 19 % increase compared to 2013. The number of overnight stays by foreign tourists increased by 17 % making up 76 % of all overnight stays. The number of overnight stays by domestic guests also continued to grow, with an increase of 23 %, making up 24 % of all overnight stays.  

The record-breaking year is the result of numerous promotional activities and events that took place during the year independently or in collaboration with the City of Rijeka, various event planners, restaurants in Rijeka, the tourist board system, and especially the Opatija Tourist Board as part of the Croatia 365 project. 

2014 will also be remembered for the increasing quality of the events that took place in Rijeka, which also contributed to the spike in tourism traffic. As well as the Rijeka Carnival, other noteworthy events that directly influenced the influx of tourists in the last year include the CACIB dog show held at Trsat, as well as the Hair Style News business event for professional hairdressers that took place in downtown Rijeka.  

The increase in the number of tourists is the result of joint activities implemented with the goal of improving the overall offer for guests, whether staying at the accommodation facilities or taking one of the many excursions. The numerous activities are implemented in collaboration with entities that are directly or indirectly included in the overall offer and, besides the usual promotional activities, this year the Rijeka Tourist Board has managed to expand its offer by providing tourists with two new smartphone apps. The Bike Rijeka app is intended for cyclists staying in the Rijeka Ring area and not just the city itself, while Rijeka Connect is your standard fare travel app. Both apps are free and available for the iOS and Android operating systems.