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Ri Gastro culinary magic with figs and squid

After some "vacation" and days of cherries in June, Rijeka Gastro Days return in the final days of August to bring another fine story, this time dedicated to figs and squid.

Figs Week
This heavenly fruit, named Ficus carica in Latin, is one of the oldest cultivated fruit trees and aside from the olive and the grape vine, it is the most common plant in the Mediterranean. It is a verification of an ecologically healthy environment, since it only grows in such surroundings. It is resistant to weather conditions and is naturally characterised by a high and regular yield, which is why it is popularly regarded as a symbol of fertility and abundance. And abundance is the right name for what awaits you in the restaurants of Rijeka and the surrounding area, all with the aim of preserving the traditional cuisine of our ancestors and returning it to the menus of households and restaurants. Rijeka Gastro Days – Fig Week begins on 30 August and lasts until 6 September, blending with Squid Week beginning immediately after.

Squid Week
The native coastal populace usually hunts for squid during autumn and winter, when they are scarce in number, but are also larger and more succulent than those that are caught in the summer. Also, fresh squid is very healthy since it is rich in high-quality proteins, fats, and other valuable micronutrients. Squid are a mainstay of Mediterranean cuisine and can be prepared in numerous different ways – raw, grilled, sautéed, or fried. You can even stuff them, which is made easier by their unique shape.

If you want to see for yourself what creative ways chefs have utilised the popular and beneficial squid, then visit one of the partner establishments of Ri Gastro, as well as the culinary workshops where you will be taught how to make specialties in your own kitchen on a daily basis. Check out the official website of Ri Gastro to find out who will be cooking and what tasty programmes are being offered during these two gastronomic weeks. Bon appétit!

Za pregled stvarne veličine slike kliknite na sliku.


August 30 - Cooking Show, Korzo, at 10.30 am
1 coupon / bite: 10,00 kn

September 2 - 3, 2, 1, Fig - sweet and savoury fig dishes with Doris Vlah, workshop, KuHarmonija, at 6:30 pm

September 5 - Salads, main courses and desserts - natural and whole, workshop, KuHarmonija, at 6:30 pm

September 9 - A new kind of squid - creative and delicious ideas for preparing squid, workshop, KuHarmonija, at 6:30 pm

September 10 - Tales from a fruit farm, workshop for pre-school children, City Library of Rijeka - Children's Department Stribor, at 11 am

September 10 - Workshop in making desserts for children, Bistro patisserie Cukerin, at 6 pm

Za pregled stvarne veličine slike kliknite na sliku.Za pregled stvarne veličine slike kliknite na sliku.