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November in Rijeka - The Holiday Magic Begins

We can already start to feel the holiday cheer at the end of November, but for Rijeka the beginning of the month is very special in itself thanks to the efforts of numerous puppeteers visiting our city during the Puppet Theatre Festival and taking us to their fantasy world brimming with colours. This month also belongs to the Jazz Time festival, which will celebrate its 25th year with a jubilee edition. It is also a special and even magical adventure to skate by the sea, and this will soon be possible because the Seaflake rink will come for its annual visit, and as always this is the first announcement of the start of the Rijeka Advent. Fans of exhibitions will definitely be pleased this month, while there is also a Theatre Night, and Pogon kulture can boast hosting one of the biggest stars and trip hop pioneer Tricky.

We will announce all of this and more in our new newsletter, and a complete and detailed list of all the events in November in Rijeka can be found in our What To Do Today? (ŠTA DAnas?) calendar of events.

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