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March in Rijeka – Spring is around the corner

The month in which the seasons change also brings us “fresh” programmes. Spring will be uniquely announced by the “Flower of the Mediterranean”, an international female chess tournament which brings the top female players to our city once more. March is also the month in which the International Planetarium Day is held, and on that day, the best place to be in Rijeka is the Rijeka Astronomy Centre. The Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc announces a premiere as well, and much will be unveiled at the new edition of the Exclusive Auto Moto Show. We have also only mentioned a small part of the musical events which will grace Rijeka's clubs, and which will surely satisfy all tastes...

All of that, and more, you can find in our newsletter, and a complete detailed list of all events in March in Rijeka can be found in our calendar of events.

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