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March in Rijeka

After all the folly of the Carnival in February, March is a time for entirely different pastimes. One of them, the one whose name itself smells like spring, is the Chess Tournament for Women "The Flower of the Mediterranean". In March, the planetariums celebrate their day, and the best place in Rijeka to celebrate this is certainly the Astronomical Centre Rijeka, which has once again prepared a full-day program. “Music is Everywhere” this year too, along with the Impulse Festival features programmes at 7 locations and a concert of the legendary Swans. Theatres, museums and galleries bring us many novelties and the announcement of the guest performance of one of the most famous musicals in the world.

We are announcing all of this, and more, in our newsletter. You can leaf through the calendar of events in March in .pdf on our ISSUU profile, and the freshest state of events in Rijeka and its ring can be found at our ŠTA DAnas? website.

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