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King Asparagus Rules the First of this Year's Seven Ri Gastro Days

Spring doesn't just bring sunnier and warmer days, but also one of the most beloved vegetables in the region – king Asparagus! It is also a signal for this year's Ri Gastro Days to kick off. Asparagus Week from April 5th to April 12th will put the eponymous vegetable on the menus of caterers from Rijeka and the region, and besides tasting the most delectable specialties, visitors will also get a chance to learn something at two gastro workshops for adults, as well as the merry children's workshop organised by „Stribor“, the children's section of the Rijeka City Library. The Gastro Cooking Show takes cooks out of their kitchens and into the open, more specifically to the Korzo where they will showcase their asparagus-themed concoctions. Students of the catering school in Opatija will assist the culinary professionals with cooking and serving food, which will also provide the opportunity to present their high school and vocation. The Gastro Cooking Show doubles as a charity event, since all the money made from selling the food will be donated to the Social Supermarket. The new Ri Gastro year got off to a strong start, since a total of 26 caterer-partners are participating, with some even coming from Viškovo. Choose your favourite spot(s) for enjoying asparagus. Bon appétit!

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