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Junior Carnival at the Rijeka Korzo

Whoever wants to experience the future of the Rijeka Carnival should show up at Korzo on 18 February. On this Saturday, an army of the cutest masked kindergarten and elementary school children will dance through the city centre, united in a large, colourful and noisy Children's Carnival Parade. Adults can often learn a lot from children, and this is one of those occasions because the creativity, effort and joy invested in the development and presentation of the masks in the “junior” parade is not in the least inferior to the International Carnival Parade. The Parade starts at 1 PM and face painting will also be organised at a number of checkpoints around the city centre. Carnival enthusiasts who will not be able to come to Korzo on that day can follow the Children's Carnival Parade by watching the direct transmission on Kanal Ri or at the Rijeka Carnival website available at

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