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January in Rijeka - No winter, the fifth season is on!

Somewhere in the middle of winter the fifth season finds its way to Rijeka - the season that we call the Rijeka Carnival. And it does not let us be still even after the festive celebrations and numerous events in December. That’s why January in Rijeka is painted carnival colours and most of the events this month have a carnival overtone. The Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant, Carnival Rally, Carnival Snowboard Session, Children's Carnival Parade, concerts ... Just so that it’s not exclusively carnival month, January is always a time for a night at the museum, an ice rink, and the Little Train, which are still there to keep the holiday atmosphere going for longer, while the “Trsat Dragon” lands straight into the Rijeka City Puppet Theatre.

All of that, and more, you can find in our newsletter, and a complete detailed list of all events in January in Rijeka can be found in our calendar of events.

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