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International Carnival Parade

After a month and a half of carnival entertainment, concerts, music and dance, sports, gastronomy and charity events... the 2017 Rijeka Carnival will reach its peak on 26 February with the International Carnival Parade. Rijeka’s Korzo is certainly the best place to be on that Sunday, and more than 10,400 participants in 110 carnival groups promises hours of fun. What the groups from Rijeka and its closer and farther surroundings from Croatia and abroad have come up with since the last carnival, what made them laugh or angry and inspired them to comment through humorous allegories... we'll see in the big procession that starts at 12 noon and ends at around 8 PM.

Following the passage of the last group, the traditionally spectacular Halubje bellringers, the carnival “pust” will be burned at sea, directed by the group Pom-F-Ri, after which the carnival parties will continue until late at night. Although it is something that simply has to be seen live, the parade can be followed from the comfort of your own home through direct transmission on Kanal Ri, at the Rijeka Carnival website at or on the carnival YouTube channel.

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