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Healthy and Smart Rijeka Spring

Once again, April in Rijeka will be very active, not only for those eager for physical recreation, but also for those who like to train their little grey cells. But first of all, it is important to cleanse yourself! A new season of Ri gastro days will start at the beginning of the month, with slight changes and a new subtitle – Rijeka Detox – but will still be dedicated to local seasonal produce. This will be followed by the biggest festival of running in Croatia, the 22nd edition of Homo si teć, and two weeks dedicated to moving. April is also the month of the Festival of Science, which will feature lectures in popular science and a series of other events all over the city and the surrounding towns. However, delicious events of this month will not end with the conclusion of Ri gastro, because we will also be able to enjoy the 2nd edition of the eno-gastro festival WineRi. Rijeka will also host the international cycling race Tour of Croatia, we will have a series of concerts, a historical spectacle, etc.

We announce all that and more in our new newsletter, the ŠTA DAnas brochure with a calendar of events for April in PDF form, which is available for browsing on our ISSUU profile. Every day, you can find up-to-date information on events in Rijeka and its ring on our ŠTA DAnas? website.

Have a pleasant April in Rijeka!

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