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Fiumare Festival – History propelled by sails

Traditional sailboats will arrive at Korzo on the last day of May, which only mean one thing – the Fiumare Festival has dropped its anchors. Every day until 7 June, the Kvarner Sea and Maritime Tradition Festival will be taking us back a “100 years into the past" when the area by the Dead Channel was a trading hotspot. By linking the maritime and trading tradition of the past with everyday life in the present, Fiumare will once again act as a time machine of sorts, which you can enter at the authentic locations of the Dead Channel and Verdijeva Street. Besides Korzo, the traditional sailboats will also occupy the entire Rijeka aquatorium and port.

Traditional sailboats anchored in the Dead Channel, traders and craftsmen donning traditional clothing from all corners of Kvarner, interactive maritime and fishing skill workshops, the promotion of old customs, a variety of local dishes and wines, organised tours of historic sites in the very centre of Rijeka, traditional sailboat regattas, exhibitions, lectures, open deck and museum days... provide just a morsel of Fiumare's overall programme.

The festival's grand opening will be held on 1 June in front of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc with a rich programme of cultural and entertainment events, including a new addition in the form of a re-enactment of Karolina Riječka's endeavour to protect her city from being destroyed by the cannonade of the foreign English fleet. The re-enactment will take place on 2 June in the aquatorium opposite Gat Karoline Riječke, with the boats Kraljica Mora, Otac Roko and Paša, as well as the traditional sailboats of Istria and Kvarner participating in the event.