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February in Rijeka - The month of the carnival and those in love

Rijeka in February is still dancing to the rhythm of the carnival, and the culmination of the masked parties will take place on 7 February at the International Carnival Parade, which will occupy the whole of the city's centre. One of the biggest annual parties in Rijeka – the Carnival DJ Session, will also be draped in the colours of the carnival, and visited by the techno-magus DJ The Advent. It is thought that February is also the month of cats, but in spite of that, the Centar Zamet will be graced with the company of dogs at the CACIB international dog show. At the same place, later that month the tour of the Imperial Russian Ballet Company with a performance of “Romeo and Juliet” has been announced, which is great news for those in love, and appropriate Valentine's Day programmes have been prepared by the Rijeka Astronomical Centre and the Rijeka Natural History Museum as well.

All of that, and more, you can find in our newsletter, and a complete detailed list of all events in February in Rijeka can be found in our calendar of events.

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